The Physics Behind Systems Biology

We invite applications from graduate students, PhD students and postdocs with a background in Systems Biology, Theoretical Biology, Biophysics, Bioinformatics and/or with an interest in computational work.

Systems Biology is a relatively young research field that aims at a holistic understanding of the mechanisms underlying biological systems. This is achieved by the interplay between experiments and modeling approaches, in which the system at hand is interpreted as a dynamic interaction network whose characteristic properties emerge from network topology and its dynamic behavior.

Promoted by large funding programs, Systems Biology has gained increasing attention in the recent years. However, it is often forgotten that many approaches that are used in this field have their origins in the Natural Sciences, in particular, Physics. Examples include the formulation and analysis of nonlinear models, the theory of complex networks, the characterization of stochastic phenomena and noise, as well as statistical methods for model identification.

Our Physics School aims at illuminating the Physics foundations of Systems Biology and show how this novel discipline stands on a basis paved by physical principles. Core topics are complex networks, robustness of biological processes, methods of mathematical modeling, synchronization and cellular rhythms.

The target audience of this WE Heraeus Physics School  are graduate students who are interested in Systems Biology, as well as PhD students and postdoctoral researchers who work in this field.

The scientific organizers of the Physics School are Prof. Dr. Marc-Thorsten Hütt, Professor of Computational Systems Biology at Jacobs University Bremen and Prof. Dr. Nicole Radde, Professor for  Systems Theory in Systems Biology at University of Stuttgart.

The Physics School is  funded by the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus Foundation,  a private foundation which supports research and education in science, especially in physics. A major activity is the organization of ”Physics Schools” and seminars. Among German physicists the WE Heraeus Foundation is recognized as the most important private funding institution in their field. Some activities of the WE Heraeus Foundation are carried out in cooperation with the German Physical Society (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft).